Mouth spray, also known as a breath freshener. As the name implies, using it can mask other odors in the mouth, freshen the breath, and make the mouth fragrant. The main components of oral spray are water, glycerin, propylene glycol, surfactant, hydrophilic castor oil, edible essence, peppermint extract, etc. Some breath fresheners also add ethanol in order to improve the effect of fresh breath and help the various ingredients to be dissolved in the water evenly.

In addition, there are some oral sprays that add herbal extracts, such as tea extract, honeysuckle extract, etc., for a certain effect. The above ingredients are basically safe to use in oral sprays. That trace amount of ethanol has negligible effects on our oral cavity.

Can breathing fresheners treat bad breath? The answer is: not very likely. Not to mention bad breath caused by other causes of the body, even the bad breath caused by the mouth itself has various causes. If the fundamental problem is not solved, no matter how good the spray is, it is useless.

There are two principles of oral spray to relieve bad breath. One: directly mask bad breath through its aromatic components. Mouth spray ingredients adhere to teeth and other parts of the mouth to maintain fresh breath. Second: Relieve bad breath by adding deodorant. These deodorants work by breaking down bad breath in the mouth, thereby reducing bad breath.

If you only use breath fresheners to relieve the smell of food in your mouth, there are no side effects and no harm in using them only when needed.

Mouth freshening sprays are generally small and easy to carry. Before an important meeting, before a date with friends, or after eating heavy food, when it is inconvenient to brush your teeth, this time mouth freshening spray has an absolute advantage.

A good oral spray will freshen breath for a longer time, and a poor fresh breath will last for a shorter period of time, or even have no fresh breath effect at all. Because mint has better freshening ability, most oral sprays are based on mint flavor, and then add different flavors to make breath fresheners with different flavors.

Just point the mouth of the bottle to your mouth, spray 1-2 times, and then close your mouth for a few seconds to keep your mouth fresh for hours.