With the improvement in living conditions, many people choose to hike with backpacks after work.

Before starting the trip, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Before backpacking, you need to know the route clearly. Do your research before hiking. It is recommended to go online to learn more about travel strategies, pay attention to travel tips provided by other friends, and pay attention to route information to ensure that you will not get lost.

2. Before backpacking, you need to know the weather forecast and check the weather conditions for the days you will spend there. Pack your luggage reasonably and wear appropriate clothing according to the changing weather.

3. Before backpacking, you need to know the necessary first aid knowledge. It's a trip to a more dangerous and unstable area, and it's useful to focus on learning how to bandage a sprained ankle or deal with an infected wound.

4. Before backpacking, you need to know the appropriate size of the backpack. Use a 15-30 liter pack for day excursions. Use a 30-50 liter pack for one to two-day night hikes, a 45-50 liter pack for two to three days of night treks, and a 55-liter pack for longer hikes.

5. Before backpacking, you need to know how to purify water. If necessary, it is recommended to prepare a portable water purifier in advance. Make sure you don't run out of potable water to better protect your travel safety.

6. Before the overnight backpacking tour, you need to master the skills of setting up tents. Before you go, you need to read the tent's manual to make sure you have every part you need to set up your tent. Try to choose tents that are relatively easy to set up.

Backpacking can bring us many benefits, starting a week of hiking, your body and mind will change quietly. From the beginning of taking a rest when you can't walk one or two thousand steps, to only panting slightly after walking five or six thousand steps, you are pleasantly surprised to find that you can be stronger. Although your feet are sore and your calf is swollen, your mood is very comfortable.

You gradually fall in love with this feeling. If you don't go for a day, you will feel that there is something wrong. The sky is no longer gray, and the scenery along the way is so beautiful. Your life will be lit up from now on!

From a safety point of view, you should choose an economical place to hike. The advantages include but are not limited to clearer road signs, more convenient supplies, more timely rescue, and easier access to information. In this regard, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and the British Islands are better. It is not necessary to have beautiful terrain such as mountains and fjords to do hiking routes. The Umbria region of Italy travels through ancient ruins covered with green and red flowers all over the mountains.

Walking on the rugged and narrow roads of the mountain towns along the Qingbo and blue seas of the Malfi Coast is an unforgettable experience that can be walked for several days. The scenery in Europe is changeable, and there is always one that suits your taste. If you like idyllic mountains and forests, you can go to the Black Forest in Germany. If you like desolation, you can go to Scotland or Iceland. If you like seascapes, you can go to the Cyclades Islands of Greece or Sicily.