Venice is a delicate and gentle water city. You can take an amorous gondola here, take part in a carnival party, or you can take crazy pictures of the glass island and the colorful island. Venice is a place that makes people fall in love at first sight.

It's one of the most romantic places in the world, a city that's about to disappear, and one of the top 100 places to visit. If you have a chance to go to Venice, be sure to check out the places recommended in this article.

1. Ponte dell'Accademia

The Ponte dell'Accademia in Venice, Italy is located on the west side of the southern section of the Grand Canal and was built in 1854.

Originally a steel structure bridge, it was replaced with a wooden structure in the 1930s after the bridge body was damaged, and was rebuilt in 1985 due to structural instability. The painter Monet took pictures here when he visited Venice.

2. Burano

The colorful island of Burano in Venice, Italy, is like a fairy tale world, famous for its colorful houses, and is also known as the most colorful place in the world. The residents of Color Island are free to choose their favorite colors to paint their houses. So the house color is unrestrained.

It just couldn't be better to come here to take pictures. In addition to cute and dreamy colors, Burano is also famous for lace.

There is a lace museum here, and some lace styles are unimaginably handmade. After coming out of the museum, you can see a small shop that still continues to hand-made yarn, buy a little, and do it yourself.

3. Murano

The island of Murano in Venice is located northeast of the main island. It is a world-famous production place for stained glass products, so it is often directly called the island of glass. There are many glass art shops and a glass museum on the island.

You can not only watch the glass-making process but also buy some to take home as souvenirs. There are relatively large glass works of art everywhere on the streets of the island. At night, they will emit colorful light under the illumination of the lights, which is very beautiful.

4. Lido Island

Lido Island is located southwest of the main island of Venice. It is a long and narrow shape. It is a famous health resort and the venue of the Venice Film Festival.

It is not as far as the Color Island and the Ruins Island, but it also has a different leisure time from the main island. The island of Lido is roughly divided into three areas. The northernmost is Lido, where the film festival is also held.

Maramoco in the middle is the earliest residential area on the island, and Alberoni in the south has a fort and golf course. The beach here has very fine sand, clean water, and bright sunshine. It is called the "Hawaii of Europe".

5. Rialto Bridge

The Ponte di Rialto bridge in Venice, Italy is located in the middle of the Grand Canal and is a famous landscape in Venice. Its predecessor was a pontoon bridge built in 1181 called the "Coin Bridge", which was later transformed into a wooden bridge in 1255.

The current Rialto Bridge was completed in 1591 and designed by Antonio da Ponte in a Renaissance style with an arch below it for ships to pass through.

6. Ca' d'Oro

Italy's Golden Palace Ca' d'Oro, also known as Palazzo Santa Sofia, was once decorated with gold plating, hence the name. It has a Gothic style and is known as one of the most beautiful buildings on the Grand Canal in Venice, with a small courtyard inside.

It is now open to the public as an art gallery, and exhibits include remnants of the façade decoration frescoes painted by Titian and Giorgione for the German Chamber of Commerce.

7. Canale Grande

The Grand Canal is the main waterway in the city of Venice, and together with many other small canals makes up the water world of Venice. The Grand Canal is S-shaped and runs through the city center of Venice.

One end leads to the Venice Lagoon, and the other end is near St. Mark's Square. It is known as the "Champs Elysees on the Water".

There are countless ancient buildings and attractions along the way. You can take public transportation or water buses, try a Venetian gondola, or chat with the boatman, or listen to the boatman sing.

Waiting on the boat until the sunset sprinkles the water, there will really be a feeling of no regrets in life, maybe this is the meaning of travel.