The world is so big, the terrain is complex, there are countless famous mountains and rivers, and there are many famous rivers and lakes.

In the various complex terrains of the world, there are some roads hidden, which is undoubtedly as beautiful as a dream. Everyone who has been there will have a profound experience. Here are the most dreamy roads in the world.

1. Calobra Avenue, Mallorca, Spain

In Mallorca, Spain, the serpentine highway twists and turns in incredible arcs between narrow cliffs, forming epic 360-degree bends. This is Calobra Avenue.

The twisted asphalt pavement built on the rocky terrain is steep and steep. Since the construction goal of the entire road is to try to avoid the use of tunnels, the entire road section also has an average gradient of 7%.

2. Norway's Old Strynefjell National Road

With its beautiful rocky coastline, Norway provides many classic self-driving tour routes for scenic self-driving tourists.

The Atlantic Ocean Road, melted by its shuddering bridges, maybe the most famous of them all, but it's not the only one with picturesque views out the window.

The old Strynefjell road, which cuts through the Fjord Norway region, is still considered an engineering marvel.

Although the road will be closed in winter, in summer, the waves of this 26-and-a-half-kilometer "air corridor" generally undulate between the mountains, passing through the cottages in the mountains, and the highest altitude can be 1,139 meters above sea level.

3. Grimsel Pass Road, Switzerland

As a country on the clouds, it is no surprise that Switzerland has a magnificent view. Compared with the overseas reputation of the Great St. Bernard Pass Road, many lesser-known routes will also make tourists feel worthwhile.

The Grimsel Pass Road passes through steep granite landforms, vertical and horizontal tunnels, and an abandoned reservoir and power station in Changhong. The 37-kilometer road will only be closed in winter.

During the whole journey, you will reach an altitude of 2165 meters, and you will also see the breathtaking Grimsel Hospiz Alpine Hotel.

The exterior of the hotel is full of traditional flair, from the wooden shutters and scarlet window panels dotted with the masonry facade to the typical alpine triangular roof, reminiscent of the mountaineers of the golden age.

4. Colorado Edge Rock Road, USA

Edge Rock Road is a scenic route through the Colorado National Monument.

The rough and wild and mysterious western scenery around the route will make people want to gallop rather than drive.

The Civilian Conservation Corps dug this road out of the mountains and rocks in 1933, so that we can now enjoy the magnificent scenery of the red rock canyon during this 1-hour drive.

The pine and cypress trees at both ends of the road pay tribute to the golden eagles soaring in the sky and the earth.

5. Namibia's Skeleton Coast

If you're feeling lonely, the Skeleton Coast in Namibia's northwest might make you want to drive past.

The C34 road stretches from Swakopmund to the border of Angola. Except for the occasional sunken ship embedded in the sandy beach, as far as the eye can see is the sea.

Head north along the road to the Cape Cross Seal Sanctuary, where thousands of seals are lounging on the beach, and further north is the Skeleton Coast, National Park. Off-road vehicles are unobstructed in this area and are the best companions for your adventures.