Modern nutrition experts have found that milk is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins necessary for the human body.

Drinking milk in moderation for a long time can not only improve beauty but also enhance physical fitness and promote human health in an all-around way.

But experts point out that some people do not eat other foods when drinking milk, which is a bad eating habit, because drinking milk on an empty stomach has many disadvantages. 73% of Asians have varying degrees of lactose intolerance.

The lactose in milk cannot be digested in time and is decomposed by bacteria in the intestinal tract to produce a large amount of gas and acid, which stimulates intestinal contraction and causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other adverse reactions.

So, how to drink milk is the best way. Experts suggest that it is best to eat some biscuits with crude fiber before drinking milk. What is the best "milk partner" cookie? The biscuits preferably contain eggs and wheat flour, bran, oats, etc.

It is not only rich in a large amount of edible crude fiber but also better than ordinary crude fiber foods to promote the absorption of protein and multivitamins in milk.

You can drink milk and eat biscuits at the same time to make the nutrients absorbed more fully and more balanced.

This article will recommend some biscuits that go well with milk.

1. Red Bean and Barley Oatmeal Cookies

Red bean and barley oatmeal cookies are a good health food. You can choose xylitol instead of sucrose, which will not only make the cookies low in calories but also very filling.

Red bean barley is even more popular, it is extra chewy and has a hint of sweetness. It tastes even better with milk or five-grain porridge powder.

Such biscuits can also serve as breakfast, fill the stomach, and also play a role in body shaping.

2. High Fiber Whole Grain Cookies

High-fiber whole grain cookie is a kind of cookie that is rich in cellulose. It has a small proportion of cellulose and a large volume.

After eating, it will fill the stomach cavity and take a long time to digest. It is known to provide energy, fiber, and vitamins to the body.

So when losing weight, can you eat high-fiber whole grain cookies? certainly.

Although no sucrose is added, this cookie reduces calorie intake. At the same time, dietary fiber reduces the calorie intake ratio.

In the intestine, cellulose absorbs excess fat and excretes it out of the body, thereby reducing the accumulation of body fat, and achieving the effect of weight loss.

But because it has low-calorie maltose added, it tastes great, and it's also healthy and doesn't make you fat!

Is a cookie so magical? Each cookie is equivalent to half an apple in calories.

And the use of wheat, soybeans, konjac, and other nutrient-rich high-quality food, so that your body has been fully supplemented. You can eat it with confidence.