There are many buildings in the world, there are all kinds of various types, and there are many strange buildings.

Human imagination is endless. If it is manifested in architecture, a group of the world's most strange buildings will be born. Let's take a look at these buildings today, and they are also very characteristic.

1. Belgian atomic tower

The unique atomic bell tower is located in Brussels, the capital of Belgium. The entire atomic bell tower is designed with stainless steel, consisting of 7 connected columns and covered spheres.

The diameter of each sphere is 28 meters, and the total length of the seven connection columns is 2298 meters.

These connecting columns are installed with escalators for tourists, and the top of the tower has restaurants and sightseeing points.

2. Polish distorted house

The distorted house is actually a strange part of the Polish Sopper Shopping Center. It was built in 2004 and inspired by the style of fairy tales. This building feels like it is about to melt at the next moment, and it looks strange from the outside.

The glass doors and green enamel tiles on the house are lit at night, and the reflected lights make the whole building beautiful.

3. Aladdin City

Aladdin, among the many Arabic classic works, the story of Aladdin God Lantern is the most famous. In 2016, Dubai moved the "fairy tale" to reality.

A new city of Aladdin was built on the banks of the Dubai River, and the ancient Arab culture was closely integrated with modern design.

Aladdin City covers an area of about 16.1 square kilometers and consists of six independent towers. The appearance of the three golden main towers is similar to the Aladdin god lamp.

Each tower has a transparent flyover of 450 meters, forming a charming visual scene. The tallest tower is 34 floors, which are designed as hotels, and the rest are designed as office areas and shopping malls. It looks brilliant and magnificent here.

4. Spiral forest

Although it sounds like the name it seems to be the name of a certain forest park, it is actually a residential building. In the 1990s, this particular building was built in Germany, and the entire building looked very "dazzling".

The spiral design is very strong, and the design of streamlined is refreshing, and the entire building also adds the roof garden institution. This is very characteristic at the concept and technical levels.

5.Rotating skyscrapers

The rotating skyscraper of Dubai is a great initiative in architecture. The building is about 420 meters high and has a total of 80 floors. The floor is equipped with wind turbines, and it can rotate independently between floors.

It is the first building in the world to rotate 360 degrees. It takes about 90 minutes to make a circle. This also means that you don't need to change your position, you can keep changing your perspective and appreciate different Dubai panorama.

The building started starting from 2008 and has been completed this year.