Iceland is located in the middle of the North Atlantic. It is Greenland in the north, adjacent to the Danish Strait in the northwest, and the Norwegian Sea in the northeast. Iceland is a non -EU island country in the North Atlantic, and its capital is Reykjavik.

Iceland is a country full of mystery. This island country in the North Atlantic Ocean is located at the intersection of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans.

In ancient times, the Atlantic crustal movement caused the volcanic eruption of the sea floor and prompted Iceland to bulge from the bottom of the sea, creating a variety of geological wonders and primitive fantasy natural scenery.

So Iceland is called "the most like the moon on the earth." The unique geographical appearance also gives Iceland a distinctive beauty, so let's go to explore the attractions that Iceland is worth going together next!

1. Watna Icefield

Watna Icefield is a famous landscape located in the southeast of Iceland. The total area of Watna Icefield exceeds 8,400 square kilometers, accounting for one -twelve of Iceland's land area.

Watna Icefield is the largest icefield except in the Arctic. Below the Watna Icefield is a huge crater.

With the heating of volcanic ground and warming of the climate, ice fields are accelerating melting into ice lakes. Various ice cubes float in the ice lake, forming a peculiar landscape.

2. Blue Lake

Blue Lake is also a place worth visiting in Iceland. Blue Lake is the largest hot spring in Iceland and the largest open-air hot spring in the world.

The water quality of this lake is clear and blue, and it looks like transparent blue glass. It is said that the lake in Blue Lake is rich in volcanic minerals, so it is called a "natural beauty salon".

The formation of Blue Lake is very special. It is formed by seawater through the underground high-heat volcanic lava layer. Water contains many chemical and mineral crystals. These crystals have been proven to have a great effect on relieving mental stress.

3. Black Beach

Black Beach is located at the southernmost point of Iceland and the south edge of the Watna Glacier. The sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean are all pure black.

In ancient times, volcanoes in the sea broke out. These sprayed volcanic stones were constantly polished by seawater and eventually formed this small and uniform lava granular beach. Here is like alien geological wonders, and has been selected as one the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Stepping through the barren land, crossing the magnificent glaciers, standing on the black sandy beach to see the stormy sea, and watching the gorgeous aurora.

This is probably the travel experience everyone wants. Everyone who has been to Iceland can find their own travel significance in such a beautiful landscape.

Whether you go for the aurora, Iceland is a good place to travel and relax. The scenery here always gives people a sense of closeness to nature. The natural air and natural scenery here, everything will be the best tool for soothing people's hearts.