Confit, also known as oil sealing, is a cooking technique used in traditional Southern French cuisine, meaning that the ingredients are cooked and preserved in their fat. In ancient times, there was no refrigerator, so this method could be used to extend the shelf life of meat food.

Today we will teach you how to make duck leg confit.

The dish is traditionally prepared by dipping the duck legs inside the duck fat and slow cooking at low temperatures for several hours, which requires a lot of duck fat.

Ingredients and seasoning

4 duck legs

Sage (freshly chopped) 2 tablespoons

5 cloves of garlic


Vegetable oil

Directions and Steps

1. Chop the sage and garlic, and mix well.

2. Remove the thigh bone from the duck leg. Chop the end of the lower leg.

3. Salt the duck meat. Stuff the garlic and sage mixture into the thigh bone where it would have been.

4. Wrap the skin around the exposed duck meat to prevent the stuffing from leaking out. (Can be secured with string.) This will allow the 4 duck legs to "stand" in the pan.

5. Pour a small amount of oil into a small pan and fry the duck bones from the previous step until golden brown and remove from the pan.

Add 4 duck legs to the skillet and allow the legs to "stand". Pour in the vegetable oil until it covers the duck meat.

6. Heat over low heat until the oil is almost bubbling, turn off the heat, seal the skillet with tin foil and bake in a 180-degree Celsius oven for 3 to 4 hours until the bones are ready to separate from the meat.

7. Remove the duck legs and set them aside. Pour a small amount of oil into a hot pan and fry the top of the duck legs until golden brown.


1. Be careful when sprinkling salt, if you sprinkle it on the skin of the duck, the saltiness will not penetrate the meat. So sprinkle salt on the duck meat, the amount of salt should be given to the whole duck leg.

2. The amount of oil may be in several litres. You can save oil by choosing the right size pan according to the number of duck legs to be cooked.

Put the salad in the pan and serve with the simplest Dressing, and enjoy the duck legs while they are still hot. It's delicious.