SUVs are characterized by strong power, off-road capability, spaciousness and comfort, and good load and passenger functions. Some people say that SUVs offer the comfort and refinement of a luxury car combined with the nature of an off-road vehicle.

SUVs are the hybrid descendants of cars and off-road vehicles, and they have greater advantages compared to their ancestors.

According to the functionality of SUVs, usually divided into urban and off-road types, SUVs generally refer to those based on the sedan platform, to a certain extent, both the comfort of a sedan and a certain off-road model.

The SUV is second only to the sedan in terms of commonness on the road due to the multi-combination function of the seats with MPV and a wide range of applications.

The four advantages of SUV models.

1. The model has a higher chassis and higher car bumpers and bumpers.

Because of this, when a car collision occurs, bumpers and bumpers can effectively eliminate the impact energy, thus reducing the damage to the car.

2. Large space.

It is well known that vehicles with more space in the same price range are more popular.

The vehicle with more space has better comfort and loading capacity and has incomparable advantages over the vehicle with less space when loading large items.

3. Atmospheric appearance.

Compared with other models, the SUV is not only cheaper but also has a unique aura in the design style, in addition to the car configuration is not weak.

Typical representatives of this category are BYD S7, and Phantom speed s3 such cars can be described as super high-cost performance.

4. Wide field of vision.

Compared with cars, SUV models have a more open field of view, which can give drivers a better sense of operation experience.

5. Better passability in complex road conditions.

Compared with ordinary cars, SUV cars have a great advantage in ground clearance.

When the road conditions are rough, they have more confidence when walking in the rain or snow.

It is convenient for owners to control various road conditions so that they worry less about road conditions and bring a sense of safe driving experience.

Disadvantages of SUV models.

1. Poor control.

The SUV chassis is high, rolling more than the car when turning, and more likely to roll over.

At the same time, high-speed stability is relatively poor, and most of the SUVs above the compact size will have a 'heavy feeling', especially when cornering body shaking will reduce driving confidence, the dynamic response of the body in an emergency will be much slower than the sedan.

2. Poor comfort.

Sedan design tends to be comfortable, while the SUV is a little different, mainly taking into account the off-road performance and relatively poor comfort.

So do you prefer SUVs or sedans?