San Jose is a city in western California, USA.

It is located in the Santa Clara Valley south of San Francisco Bay, near the Caiote River, 64 kilometers northwest of San Francisco, and has a population of about 9.48 million, making it the tenth largest city in the United States.

The large metropolitan area includes Santa Clara County, covering an area of 3,429 square kilometers.

According to the FBI in 2004, San Jose holds the record of being the safest city in the United States among major cities with a population of 500,000 or more.

Between 1900 and 1910, under the leadership of John Montgomery, San Jose became a center of technological innovation and contributed to the development of aerospace.

The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, California, damaged homes in San Jose, a hospital collapsed in the quake, and over 100 people died in the quake.

The economy suffered. The City Manager led a major growth plan for San Jose in the 1950s and 1960s.

Under this plan, San Jose annexed many neighboring areas, such as Avisio and Cambrian Park, and added many suburbs that could accommodate urban development.

The response to this rapid growth was an anti-growth opinion that arose in the 1970s and was adopted by subsequent mayors.

Despite the regulation of urban growth areas, development fees, and the creation of the cities of Campbell and Cupertino to limit growth, San José's development did not slow down.

The focus of development shifted to San Jose's established areas.

San Jose's location in Silicon Valley also drove much of the economic and population growth, resulting in a 936% surge in housing prices between 1976 and 2001, the fastest growth in the country.

In the 1990s, the policy of increasing urban density was continued after the 1974 urban growth limits were preserved and voters rejected a proposal to limit growth in the hills.

Sixty percent of new housing was built in San Jose in 1980 and over 75 percent in 2000 was multi-family construction, reflecting smart growth urban planning policies.

San Jose in the United States is not only the center of the famous Silicon Valley but also the area with the highest middle-class household income in the country.

San Jose is the world's high-tech business gathering area, once home to 7,000 high-tech companies.

The city of San Jose has a pleasant climate, with over 300 days of sunny and beautiful weather each year.

It is worth mentioning that San Jose is home to world-famous large high-tech companies.

For example, Google, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, and other big companies.

It is worth noting that Silicon Valley is the kingdom of the electronics and computer industries.

Silicon Valley is a pioneer and center of high-tech innovation and development in the world, and the region accounts for one-third of all venture capital investments in the United States.

Computer companies in Silicon Valley have grown to approximately 1,500.

San Jose is easily accessible by Caltrain, a local railroad that runs directly to downtown San Francisco, and the city can be reached in about an hour by car.

San Jose Airport is served by 16 international and U.S. domestic airlines, with access to major U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago.

It has two runways and can accommodate a maximum of Boeing 747 full-weight takeoffs and landings.

San Jose is easily accessible by Caltrain, a local railroad that runs directly to downtown San Francisco, and the city can be reached in about an hour by car.

Although San Jose is small, the economy is very developed.