Surfing represents self-challenge and passion for life.Surfing is very popular at present, and surfboards are a must-have product for surfing. Only by choosing a surfboard that suits you can you play a wonderful surf.

Before choosing a surfboard, let us first have a general understanding of the following types of surfboards, so that we can choose the most suitable surfboard for ourselves.

1. FPC

Softboards are the best boards for entry-level surfers, they have the best stability and more buoyancy. It helps entry-level surfers catch waves easily and safely.

2. Longboard

A longboard is a surfboard between 8 feet and 10 feet 6 in length. This size provides a lot of stability and is great for beginners learning basic techniques. Longboarders range from beginners to advanced surfers.

3. Short board

The range of the short board is 5 feet to 7 feet. It is fast and flexible. It is an ideal choice for advanced movements and is suitable for advanced players with surfing experience.

After having a general understanding of these main types of surfboards, let's take a look at the steps of picking a board.

1. Confirm the type

First, decide what type of surfboard you want above all else. Because of this, you can immediately eliminate at least 75% of the surfboards, so as not to waste time in front of various surfboards. The type of surfboard you want to pick depends on your surfing skills.

2. Measure the displacement range

We need to understand the significance of our displacement, which tells us how much buoyancy the surfboard has to float itself on the water. On a surfboard, only the higher you float, the less resistance you have on your body so you can move faster.

3. Pay attention to scale

The width, thickness, and length of a surfboard are also an integral part of the size of a surfboard. Narrow boards allow for faster speeds and wider boards for greater gliding power and stability. Thin boards will make it harder for you to turn, thick boards will give you more buoyancy.

4. Select the material

Polyester board is the mainstream these days because it is lightweight and strong enough. If you want to find a board with strong safety performance, polyester board is the first choice.

However, with the rise of more and more wave board technology, some new technologies are gradually included in the board species.

5. Consider durability

The durability of the board is also one of the factors we consider when purchasing a surfboard. If the surfboard you choose is strong enough, you can save repair costs in the future and have a long durability.

However, the stronger the surfboard, the heavier it will be, which is inconvenient to carry. Therefore, when buying a surfboard, you should choose a surfboard with a suitable weight and strong durability according to your own physical strength.