Dark green has a classic and low-key retro feel compared to other bright greens. From the green mailbox to the green leather train, dark green fully reflects the retro texture.Dark green is also one of the commonly used colors in furniture decoration.

It is natural and has a fresh effect, which can make people relax and relieve fatigue. Dark green sofas are the choice of many people, and there are many schemes to match green sofas, but the following ones are very classic.

1. Match with white

If you want to highlight the texture and color of the sofa, then the whole home environment is better dominated by white. White can make the space look more spacious and bright, without giving people a feeling of depression. Use white to create a modern tone, and use the dark green sofa as the protagonist of the living room, which has a good effect without too much decoration.

2. Match with grey

The concept of the combination of dark green and gray is similar to that of white. The combination of dark green sofas is the main highlight. Compared with white, the gray space is more low-key, suitable for creating a simple style, which will look atmospheric and fashionable.

3. Pair with pink

The color of dark green and pink can also be very suitable. Pink can neutralize the deep feeling of dark green, making the space more lively and energetic. No matter what kind of pink it is, it will work well with dark green.

4. Pair gold with gold

Dark green has a retro texture, and it can easily create a luxurious modern home with gold. Gold does not need to be used a lot, just a little embellishment, such as coffee tables, lamps, decorations, etc. with some golden elements, which can instantly light up the space.

5. Match with the same color

The use of different shades of dark green with the same color can make the space more layered and reduce the monotony of the same color. Of course, if the space is limited, try to avoid using dark or light colors in large areas.

In addition to making choices in space layout, we can also use other decorations to match, let's take a look.

1. Green plants

We can use green plants to match, and put some green plants next to the dark green sofa. The dark green sofa and green plants are matched with each other to highlight the advantages of each other.

2. Decorative painting

In the design of the sofa background wall, you can simply paint the whole wall with artistic paint, or you can add plaster line decoration to enrich the sense of design. Then use decorative paintings or decorative pendants to add some details to make the whole room very artistic.

A green sofa can be paired with a beige painting. Beige is a very versatile color. It will give people a very relaxed and natural feeling when paired with a green sofa, which will make the overall look more dynamic.

The choice of accessories should be based on the decoration style of our own home. The most important principle is to be consistent with the main color of the environment, and try to match the color as much as possible. The best way to go wrong is to extract the color from the main furniture, such as the sofa, and The secondary color of the embellishment can be selected from the accessories.