The vastness of the sea can not only make you feel better, but also warm your heart. When we face the challenges of life and sometimes we can't overcome them, we might as well go to the beach to feel peace and happiness.

Many people enjoy going to the beach, and in a way, it makes you seek the stillness of your mind and relieve your worries as you stare at the endless waves.

Before you go, though, it's best to pack your beach vacation gear for the perfect leisure time. So what are the must-haves for seaside travel?

1. Waterproof bag

Going to the beach to play, without touching the sea water, simply failed to live up to the beautiful scenery. It is worth noting that the bag that accompanies you should preferably be waterproof. Computers, mobile phones, wallets, clothes, etc. are all packed in the bag, and do not let them get wet.

In addition to being waterproof, the fabric of the waterproof bag must also have properties such as wear resistance and tear resistance. Also pay attention to whether the stitching is firm, whether the zipper and opening are reinforced, whether the bottom of the waterproof bag has a double-layer treatment, and whether the contact point between the strap and the waterproof bag is strong enough.

2. Sun hat

Playing at the beach, it is impossible to hold a sun umbrella all the time, which is not only inconvenient, but also cannot fully enjoy the process of playing. However, a sun hat is worn on the head, with its own romantic style, which not only protects the sun but also modifies the face. You can imagine how beautiful it is to walk on the beach wearing a sun hat on a sunny beach.

Naturally, the bigger the beach hat, the better, so that the shielding position is larger and the sun protection is better. No matter what kind of sun hat you choose, it must be thin and light to allow the heat to dissipate more quickly. The sun hat should be matched with the clothing, which can better show the beauty of the overall shape. You can choose the sun hat in the same color as the clothes.

3. Beach blanket

If the beauty of the beach draws you in and you plan on spending the day in the sand, it's worth bringing a beach blanket with a resort-style feel. Roll out the beach blanket and take pictures is the perfect view. You can hold up a big umbrella next to it, lie on the beach blanket and read a good book to enjoy the good time on vacation.

The style of the beach blanket should be in line with the scene of the beach. It is not suitable to choose too dark, which is relatively monotonous. You can choose a beach blanket with rich content and beautiful patterns, which is more in line with the beach holiday style.

Touch the beach blanket with your hands to feel the surface. The denser the blanket surface, the higher the quality. Such a beach blanket has the characteristics of tread resistance, wear resistance, comfort and durability due to its excellent structure.

4. Beach shoes

Beach shoes are very important and easily overlooked seaside equipment. Wearing beach shoes into the water can prevent your feet from being stabbed by marine animals, and can easily and conveniently rinse off the stuck sand.

When choosing, pay attention to the material and texture of the sole. Thermoplastic rubber is a good choice. It is more wear-resistant, has moderate thickness and hardness, and has certain anti-slip properties. Beach shoes are mainly to be light and comfortable, so choose lighter ones. Also pay attention to the shoelaces, to suit the needs of seaside play.