Popsicles are a good helper to relieve the summer heat. We need delicious popsicles every summer, not only because they taste good, but also because eating popsicles in hot weather will make people feel that their body temperature has dropped a lot.

We believe that in summer, when everyone just came back from the hot outdoors, they can't wait to open the refrigerator and pick up a popsicle. Everyone has their own opinion on the choice of summer popsicles, but the most popular are fruit popsicles. Today, let's take a look at these most popular fruit popsicles and see which ones have you eaten?

1. Orange-flavored popsicles

Orange-flavored popsicles are the favorite flavor of many people. The outer layer of popsicles has a strong orange flavor, and the white part inside is cream, which tastes particularly delicious. Many people can't help drooling every time they see it in the summer, and it's the perfect popsicle for anyone who loves cream and tangerine flavor.

2. Kiwi fruit popsicles

In the kiwifruit-flavored popsicle, there is actually a complete kiwifruit pulp, which is delicious at a glance. Although kiwi fruit has more black seeds and is very conspicuous on popsicles, the sweet and sour taste of kiwi fruit completely ignores this flaw.

3. Strawberry-flavored popsicles

Often drink strawberry cream-flavored milk tea, it may be sweet and greasy, you can also try the refreshing strawberry ice lolly, and it is the kind that can eat large strawberry pulp, which can be said to be delicious and a typical representative of thirst-quenching , you will definitely not regret eating it.

4. Banana-flavored popsicles

Banana-flavored popsicles have both the softness of bananas and the coolness of popsicles. They are coated with milk and oatmeal, or some dried fruit. These accessories will also make the popsicles more delicious. Anyone who loves banana shakes will love this popsicle.

5. Watermelon-flavored popsicles

If you don’t want to eat watermelon directly in summer, you can also try watermelon-flavored popsicles. Especially when a person eats an incomplete watermelon, the excess watermelon is made into a watermelon popsicle, which is refreshing and thirst-quenching, and can be stored for a long time.

Since popsicles are very easy to make, let's learn to make a fruit popsicle today to ensure that it looks good and delicious. Summer is coming, come and try it out.


popsicle mold

300g strawberries

200g kiwi fruit

80g milk

5g gelatin powder

Moderate amount of white sugar


1. Remove the strawberry stems from 300g strawberries, wash them clean, put them in a fresh-keeping bag, add a tablespoon of white sugar, 5g gelatin powder and 50g milk.

2. Crush the strawberries until you can see the strawberries turn into a soup-like state.

3. Pour the crushed strawberry juice into the cup, so that it is more convenient to pour into the ice box.

4. Pour strawberry juice into two-thirds of the ice box. Then put all the ice boxes in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to freeze for a while.

5. Clean the kiwifruit, after peeling, pour it into a fresh-keeping bag, add a tablespoon of white sugar and 30g of milk, and crush the kiwifruit into a juice state.

6. After crushing the kiwi fruit, pour it into a cup.

7. Take out the ice box from the refrigerator, pour the kiwi fruit juice into the ice box and cover it with the strawberry juice. The kiwi fruit juice accounts for about one third of the ice box.

8. After all the kiwis are poured in, put the ice box in the refrigerator to freeze, and then you can take it out and eat it after it is frozen.