In autumn, the high temperature in summer has dropped, and many factors will inadvertently affect health, and the body's wear and tear in summer should also be replenished in time, so you should pay more attention to your health in autumn.

Autumn is a good season for health preservation. How should we carry out health preservation scientifically is a hot spot that everyone is very concerned about. So, let's take a look at how to take care of your body in autumn.

1.Pay attention to drink plenty of hot water

Autumn is the dry season, so we need to drink more hot water. Drinking hot water in moderation is the key to moisturizing and fighting dryness in the fall. When drinking hot water, be careful not to drink too much at a time, you can drink a little at a time, and you can drink it frequently. Never drink too much, because it will cause a burden on the stomach, and drinking slowly can have a greater moisturizing effect on the trachea.

2. Maintain a positive attitude

Autumn is a beautiful harvest season, but also a season of decline, and at this time, it is most likely to cause sadness. Therefore, we should pay attention to cultivating emotions, learn to adjust ourselves and maintain optimism, communicate more with family members or friends, take a walk in the park or grow flowers and fish, etc., which is conducive to self-cultivation and emotional venting.

3.Pay attention to eat more fruit

In autumn, oranges begin to appear on the market. Oranges are rich in nutritional value, and their sweet and sour taste is also loved by many people. The content of dietary fiber in oranges is quite high, and eating more can promote digestion. Oranges have a cosmetic effect, because the vitamin C content of oranges is very high, eating more can keep the skin supple.

4. Eat less spicy food

The air is drier in autumn, and our lungs are easily damaged, so try to eat less spicy food. In autumn, the humidity is relatively low, and the body is prone to symptoms such as dry throat. At this time, you should eat less spicy food to prevent the symptoms of dry lungs.

5. Active exercise

Autumn is a good weather for outdoor activities. In this season, everyone must strengthen physical exercise, which is the most active method for health care in autumn. In the fall, we'd better go to bed early and get up early, exercise actively, and choose exercise programs such as jogging, walking, and cycling. When exercising, you need to pay attention to keep warm and not be infected by wind and cold.

6. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm

In autumn, the temperature gradually drops, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. You should pay attention to keeping warm and cold, but don't wear too much, try to keep your body cool, and you can resist the cold through physical exercise. However, the climate changes greatly in the autumn season, so you should pay attention to preventing colds and respiratory diseases. You can change your clothes according to the weather, which can effectively prevent diseases.

Don't be too greedy for the cool wind in autumn. It is best to avoid the skin being directly blown by the wind, especially the sensitive face and neck. You can use a cloak to cover your neck and shoulders. I believe that every woman who loves beauty is very familiar with the cloak. Although it is not an indispensable item for daily dressing, sometimes, the cloak can give you a lot of extra points.

Most of the fall cape options are plentiful and available in almost any color. A soft cape can not only modify the overall style, but also keep warm. Everyone chooses the color that suits them to match, protects the body and also creates a different fashion charm.