The tableware is easy to look messy if it is not cleaned properly, and after the tableware is washed, there is water on the surface, which tends to breed bacteria over time. The tableware drain rack can solve this problem. It can not only drain water but also store it, making the kitchen clean and tidy.

The tableware drain rack is a kind of shelf used in the kitchen. Its function are mainly to provide a storage place for tableware such as tableware and chopsticks that have just been washed, and to drain the water from the tableware to avoid the breeding of bacteria and the dampness of the cabinet. Therefore, if there are many tableware at home and you are worried about the hygiene of tableware, it is necessary to buy a tableware drainer.

Most of the tableware drainers are similar. When choosing, we mainly choose good products by looking at materials, capacity, convenience and accessories. Let's take a look at how to choose a tableware drainer.

If you use some useful items, you can solve many kitchen problems. So, no matter the size of your kitchen, these few things will give you a huge boost in happiness.

1. Pay attention to the material

The material used in the drain rack is more critical because it is in contact with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long time. Generally speaking, the material of 304 stainless steel is better, which can prevent rust, and has certain acid and alkali resistance, which is more convenient for cleaning.

2. Pay attention to the capacity

In the case of a large population at home, it is recommended to choose a large-capacity, lengthened and widened drain rack. If the population is small and there are not many tableware used, you can choose a small capacity, so as not to occupy too much space.

3. Pay attention to whether it is detachable

All kinds of tableware, such as forks, plates, bowls, etc., use different accessories. If they can be disassembled at will and easy to install, they can better meet our needs.

4. Pay attention to whether it can be hung up

Items such as spatulas and spoons are not suitable for direct placement. For these special tableware, you can choose a drain rack that can hang them, which is more suitable for kitchen storage.

5. Pay attention to whether there are accessories

The feet of the drain rack are easily overlooked. Buying a drain rack with a non-slip foot cover can achieve the effect of non-slip fixing, and can also protect the countertop. If the water on the dishes is not drained, there is also a good chance of mold, and these problems can also give us headaches.

6. Pay attention to depth

When purchasing, you must pay attention to the depth of the drain rack, and try to choose a deeper one, so that the dishes will not easily slip off, and it will be safe and secure to use. If the dish rack is shallow, there is a risk of slipping and breaking.

The kitchen drain rack is really easy to use. You don’t need to dry it after every time you wash the dishes and dishes. You only need to put it on the drain rack and it will dry automatically. When buying a draining bowl rack, it is best to choose a suitable draining bowl rack according to the above selection method, and be careful not to put too many dishes at one time.

There is usually a classified area for tableware on the drain rack. When you use it, you only need to place it according to the logo. No matter what specification of the drain rack is selected, the classification must be clear, which not only facilitates life, but also ensures the storage of each type of tableware and avoids space clutter.